Laser surgery

FS-LASIK (Wavefront)

One of the most active European refractive laser surgeons

All our laser treatments are carried out by eye surgeon Sven Asp, MD, DMSCi who has performed more than 12.000 laser treatments, including more than 7.000 ReLEx smile (a European record). Dr. Asp holds a permanent position at the Department of Ophthalmology at Aarhus University Hospital, where he conducts more than 90% of the laser treatments, and he is one of the most active European refractive laser surgeons.

  • We help you get good vision
  • We have a strong focus on safety throughout the entire process
  • We use the safest and most modern methods and do it at the highest professional level.
Warmest recommendation for Eye Doctors Center & Sven Asp
“In connection with rowing across the Atlantic, spectacle independence is absolutely crucial, and after thorough research I found that Sven is one of Europe’s most experienced laser surgeons. Now here, two months after the operation, I am very relieved that the sight is in place before the big rowing adventure”

– Mads Vangsø, Radio host and lecturer

Copenhagen Eye Centre (Øjenlægernes Center) offers

At Copenhagen Eye Centre (Øjenlægernes Center), we offer you competent treatment and advice during the entire course of treatment. This involves, among other things, a thorough medical eye examination and a consultation, which forms the basis for the final treatment. We then measure the characteristics of your corneas and correct the visual defect using a laser.

Our ophthalmologists are leading specialists in this operation, and you can therefore feel safe leaving the treatment to us. In addition, we always make sure to advise you on an ongoing basis, so that you always know what is happening and how you should react. This also applies in connection with the subsequent healing process, where we always give you the necessary guidance. We carry out regular check-ups so that we can ensure that the eyes are healing as they should.

If you want more information about FS-LASIK eye surgery, you can contact us on +45 44 22 37 71 or on one of our email [email protected]

Your way to better vision

Feel safe throughout the process


Preliminary study

During the preliminary examination, your eyesight and eyes are carefully measured with the market’s most advanced equipment to determine whether you are suitable for lens surgery. The examination lasts approximately 2 hours.


Preparation for the operation

The day before or on the day of surgery, we recommend that you take a shower, wash your face and remove eye make-up. Our staff goes over what needs to happen and answers your questions.


The operation

In the operating room, the doctor and nurse perform the operation using microscopes as well as technical equipment and instruments.


After the operation

After surgery, our experienced staff will give you detailed instructions on the aftercare to ensure a comfortable and trouble-free healing process. We are here to support you.

Hear eye surgeon Sven talk about the process from start to finish

We help you with better vision

At Copenhagen Eye Centre (Øjenlægernes Center) you will meet an experienced and dedicated team of surgeons who work with a high and uncompromising professionalism in all eye treatments. We aim for a personal and safe environment for all our patients, and we make a point of having a clear dialogue with you about your procedure. You are in the best hands when you choose us.

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