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All courses of treatment begin with a thorough pre-examination by an authorized optometrist specializing in refractive surgery.


We have calm and experienced hands and you will be treated by some of the country's most competent surgeons and optometrists.


We use the safest and most modern methods and do so at the highest professional level.

Laser treatment

We offer all leading types of refractive laser treatments, and it is possible to undergo LASEK (same principle as PRK and “no cut”), FS-LASIK, wavefront FS-LASIK and ReLEx smile. We hold the North European record in numbers of performed ReLEx smile treatments. Also we treat secondary cataract using YAG lasers.

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Lens surgery

At Øjenlægernes Center, we have gathered Denmark's absolutely leading eye surgeons/optometrists within laser treatment and lens surgery. We use the market's best products (lenses, etc.) and our comprehensive quality equipment make it possible to readjust when necessary. We only offer treatments, that we will recommend our own close family, and have treated several medical colleagues as well as members of our own staff.

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Eye doctor examination with short waiting time

Get your eyes examined with no or very short waiting time in Copenhagen

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Dry eyes and eyelids

If you have burning, itching or irritated eyes it may well be symptoms of dry eyes. In some cases, blurred vision, redness or even inflammation in the eye area can be experienced in dry eyes or Dry Eye Syndrome (DES), which about 25% of the adult Danish population suffers from. If you have drooping eyelids, too much eyelid skin, a tendency to barley/hail grain or other challenges in the eye environment, we can also help with treatment. We have qualified and experienced specialists who can meet these challenges. Contact us and hear what treatments we offer.

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Join us for an informal information evening and hear one of our eye surgeons talk about the treatment of vision defects such as nearsightedness, presbyopia, farsightedness and cataracts. You may also be able to meet one of our treated customers who talks about their experience.

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Get laser and lens treatment with an attractive financing scheme for up to 60 months.

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Read what some of our patients say after their treatments

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Øjenlægernes Center

Øjenlægernes Center is established and owned by professional and dedicated Danish ophthalmologists.

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