Ophthalmic examination

Ophthalmologist with short waiting time in Copenhagen

At the Copenhagen Eye Centre (Øjenlægernes Center) it is possible to have a thorough examination by an experienced eye doctor. It requires special instruments and measuring equipment as well as many years of experience to be able to diagnose and treat eye diseases, which is not possible for the ordinary doctor or the optometrist to offer.

By own payment on the day
(from DKK 1,000)

Via health insurance
(we work with most insurance companies)

Via a hospital referral
(when activating a treatment guarantee, e.g. for cataracts)

Experienced specialists

If you have an unresolved or recurring eye problem, we can carry out a qualified examination with a short waiting time. It may be that you want a “second opinion”, that you want to have a professional eye test carried out, have a recurring red eye, your vision is blurred or something completely different.

Public ophthalmologists (ophthalmologists with an external number, where examinations are paid for via health insurance) often have a long waiting time, and we offer a professional ophthalmologist examination in Copenhagen with a short waiting time. You will be examined by one of our experienced specialists, and both of our modern clinics have the best equipment for diagnosis and treatment.

If you have had unresolved or recurring eye problems for a long time, it is a good idea to contact us.

Safe environments

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