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Eyelid surgery at Copenhagen Eye Centre (Øjenlægernes Center) in Charlottenlund

Copenhagen Eye Centre (Øjenlægernes Center) offers eyelid treatments such as treatment of droopy eyelids, removal of excess eyelid skin, and stye/chalazion removal. We also find the right solution for you if you’re struggling with other challenges in the eye area.

At Copenhagen Eye Centre (Øjenlægernes Center), we offer eyelid surgeries performed with uncompromising professionalism in an experienced, personal, and safe environment. We utilize the latest and most advanced equipment on the market, ensuring not only a dedicated surgical team but also high-tech, thoroughly tested, and safe treatments at competitive prices. Eyelid surgeries at Copenhagen Eye Centre (Øjenlægernes Center) are performed by Niels Rath, one of Scandinavia’s leading surgeons in the field, who has performed over 20,000 eyelid surgeries.

Niels Rath, one of Scandinavia’s leading surgeons in the field.

Loose skin on the upper eyelid

Age: 37 / Picture: After 1 month

Heavy lower eyelids

Age: 44 / Picture: After 1 month

Drooping eyelids

Age: 65 / Picture: After 1 month

Eyelid surgeries at Copenhagen Eye Centre (Øjenlægernes Center)

We offer a variety of eyelid surgeries to optimize appearance and/or function. Generally, we distinguish between upper eyelid surgeries and lower eyelid surgeries. Additionally, there are several eyelid surgeries falling under these two main categories. These include entropion surgery and ectropion surgery, targeting inward-turning and outward-turning eyelids, respectively. Suffering from these challenges often leads to dry eyes and can cause irritation and infection. Following the initial consultation, we tailor the treatment to your specific challenges. You are always welcome to contact the clinic to learn more about what we can offer and what to expect from the various surgeries.

Upper eyelid surgery:

Upper eyelid surgery is offered to those who have heavy eyelids, which can also cause a restriction of the field of vision. Here, we remove excess skin and fatty tissue, which improves the field of vision and reduces under-eye bags.

Lower eyelid surgery:

For this type of operation, excess skin and fatty tissue are removed from the lower eyelid, primarily done for cosmetic reasons.
What a fantastic result and experience!
Både min mand og jeg har fået fjernet overskydende hun på øjenlågene af Niels. Begge operationer er lykkedes med overvældende flot resultat – og uden smerter overhovedet.

Tænk, at han ydermere godt en uge efter indgrebet kontakter min mand pr. tlf. for lige at høre om alt er vel. Vi har begge følt os i meget trygge og omsorgsfulde hænder hos Niels. Vores varmeste anbefaling!

– Merete

Before, During, and After Eyelid Surgery

Copenhagen Eye Centre (Øjenlægernes Center) prioritizes professionalism, and we have some of the country’s most experienced and qualified specialists on board. Copenhagen Eye Centre (Øjenlægernes Center) west of Storebælt collaborates with eye surgeon Niels Rath, who is one of the country’s leading experts in eyelid surgeries. We offer a comprehensive analysis of your eye surroundings, including any drooping eyebrows and other anatomical features of your face. Our highest priorities are for you to feel safe throughout the process and leave with a satisfactory result.

The process before, during, and after the eyelid surgery is individual and naturally depends on the planned treatment. A typical process at the Ophthalmologists Center is as follows:

  • Before the eyelid surgery, you will meet with the surgeon for a consultation, where we will go through the procedure and answer any questions.
  • The surgery takes place under local anesthesia (unless otherwise agreed), and the surgeon provides frequent updates throughout. Incisions made during the surgery are closed with fine sutures, which are removed after approximately 1.5 weeks.
  • After the surgery, swelling and possibly discoloration in the eye surroundings may occur, and you will be asked to refrain from strenuous activities for several weeks. The surgeon provides thorough post-treatment instructions.


We answer all your questions with care and expertise

Our team has collected some of the most common questions that our patients ask and we are ready to give you the answers you need. Book a consultation with us. Our experienced staff will guide you through the process and ensure you receive the proper time and attention you deserve.

How long should one stay still after eyelid surgery?

We recommend taking a one-week break from exercise and other strenuous activities.

How long is one typically on sick leave after eyelid surgery?

Du kan foretage stillesiddende arbejde allerede dagen efter operationen, men mange tager nogle fridage eller lægger operationen op til en weekend eller en ferie. Hvis du har hårdt fysisk arbejde, anbefales 1 uges sygemelding.

Hvordan ser man ud efter øjenlågsoperation?

You can expect to be bruised and swollen for 1-2 weeks, sometimes longer. A few days after the stitches are removed, you can cover any discoloration with makeup.

How long does an eyelid operation take?

Operation af øvre øjenlåg tager 30-40 minutter og nedre øjenlåg (poser under øjnene) cirka 50 minutter.

Your way to better vision

Feel safe throughout the process


Preliminary study

During the preliminary examination, your eyesight and eyes are carefully measured with the market’s most advanced equipment to determine whether you are suitable for lens surgery. The examination lasts approximately 2 hours.


Preparation for the operation

The day before or on the day of surgery, we recommend that you take a shower, wash your face and remove eye make-up. Our staff goes over what needs to happen and answers your questions.


The operation

In the operating room, the doctor and nurse perform the operation using microscopes as well as technical equipment and instruments.


After the operation

After surgery, our experienced staff will give you detailed instructions on the aftercare to ensure a comfortable and trouble-free healing process. We are here to support you.

Hear eye surgeon Sven talk about the process from start to finish

We help you with better vision

At Copenhagen Eye Centre (Øjenlægernes Center) you will meet an experienced and dedicated team of surgeons who work with a high and uncompromising professionalism in all eye treatments. We aim for a personal and safe environment for all our patients, and we make a point of having a clear dialogue with you about your procedure. You are in the best hands when you choose us.

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