Dry eyes


Dry Eye Syndrome (DES)- a common disease

If you have burning, itching and/or irritated eyes it may well be symptoms of dry eyes. In some cases, blurred vision, redness or even inflammation in the eye area can be experienced in dry eyes or Dry Eye Syndrome (DES), which about 25% of the adult Danish population suffers from. Dry eyes can paradoxically also be experienced as watering eyes - where the eyes water in cold or windy weather or during physical activity, as the tear fluid produced is of reduced quality, and the body seeks to compensate by increasing the production.

Tears are important as a defense against diseases, as lubrication of the surface of the eye as well as in the nutrition of the cornea. In case of decreased tear production or in case of poor quality of one of the containing elements, the tear film breaks down and dry eyes are experienced.

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