Øjenlægernes Center offers

Laser treatments

We perform all categories of eye laser treatment including ReLEx smile, FS-LASIK (including wavefront guided) and LASEK (PRK, no touch). We also offer YAG laser treatment of secundaria cataract.

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Lens surgery

At Øjenlægernes Center, we have gathered Denmark's absolutely leading eye surgeons/eye doctors within laser treatment and lens surgery. We use the market's best products (lenses, etc.) and our comprehensive and expensive quality equipment make it possible to readjust when necessary. We exclusively offer treatments, that we will propose our own close family, and have treated several medical colleagues as well as our own staff.

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"Immediate" eye doctor examination

If you have drooping eyelids, too much eyelid skin, a tendency to barley / hail or other challenges in the eye environment, we can also help with treatment. We have qualified and experienced specialists who can meet these challenges. Contact us and hear what treatments we offer.

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Dry eyes and eye surroundings

If you have burning, itching or irritation it may well be symptoms of dry eyes. In some cases, blurred vision, redness or even inflammation in the eye area can be experienced in dry eyes or Dry Eye Syndrome (DES), which about 25% of the adult Danish population suffers from.

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The only private clinic that offers ReLEx smile in Copenhagen

Our thorough feasibility study will provide answers to which solution is right for you.