- a minimal intervention on the cornea

Why choose us for your laser and lens treatment?

More and more people are having their vision defects or presbyopia treated with laser or lens surgery to completely avoid or minimize the use of glasses or contact lenses. Once the big decision is made, the next important questions are the choice of treatment technique and who should undertake the treatment. You must choose us if you want minimal eye surgery performed by the most competent, experienced and active Danish surgeons under safe and personal conditions. We guarantee the highest professional standard and use the thoroughly tested and groundbreaking SMILE technique performed with the ZEISS VisuMax femtosecond laser as well as the most advanced lens surgery. We do not compromise on the professional treatment indications to achieve a short-term financial gain. The treatment you will be offered at Øjenlægernes Center, is the same as we ourselves would recommend to “our immediate family” to get done.

SMILE - a minimal intervention on the cornea

Øjenlægernes Center is the private clinic in Europe that has the most experience with and performs most of the thoroughly tested and groundbreaking SMILE treatment (ReLEx SMILE), which is performed with the most advanced, stationary laser (ZEISS VisuMax 500 kHz). SMILE (SMall Incision Lenticular Extraction) is "state of the art" in laser treatment of myopia and construction defects and has many advantages over older, known methods such as LASIK, FS-LASIK, EpiLASIK, PRK (by someone called "no touch technique") and LASEK. SMILE is a minimal intervention on the cornea, which optimizes corneal stability after treatment. This is a significant advantage over the older methods LASIK/FS-LASIK, where the longer “lap opening” and subsequent reduced corneal stability have meant that the method must not be used to treat pilots, military personnel and elite athletes. The LASIK “lap opening” is the single most important reason why some professionals have so far been skeptical of laser treatments.

The most advanced lens surgery

We have extensive experience with all lens surgical techniques and use only the latest and greatest of these. We use the so-called “minimally invasive technique”, which takes place via a few mm long cut and does not, as in the “old days”, require any kind of sewing. The choice of lens type for the individual patient depends on the need for correction and is revealed during our thorough pre-examination and during the conversation with the lens surgeon.

Cosmetic eyelid surgery

We have great experience with the most modern surgical techniques in advanced cosmetic eyelid surgery. We perform operations on the upper and lower eyelids.

Most experienced surgeons

The clinic have one of the most experienced Danish surgeons. Eye surgeon, Sven Asp who is the Centers' leading laser surgeon and has, among other things. performed more than 12,000 treatments, where more than 10,000 of them are SMILE treatments (Europe record) and performs a further more than 30 treatments per week. Lens surgery is led by Professor, Thomas K. Olsen, who has performed more than 15,000 lens surgeries and in professional circles, is recognized as one of Europe's most competent refractive lens surgeons, who for more than twenty years has been responsible for the most advanced lens surgery at Aarhus University Hospital.

Personal course of treatment

We guarantee a course of treatment where you are in close contact with the surgeon or our experienced eye doctors right from the pre-examination to the last follow-up. From start to finish, you will receive accurate information about the treatment, benefits and risks, and we will give you plenty of time to reconcile expectations and answer all your questions.

In short

We have the most competent, experienced and active Danish eye surgeons attached, who use the best and most advanced laser treatment and lens surgery techniques. As professional eye doctors, we maintain an uncompromising professionalism that, through a personal and safe course of treatment, ensures in the best possible way that your eyes receive the optimal treatment.

Eye surgeon Martin Severinsen gets a smile eye surgery