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Highly professional

We are a dedicated staff of highly professional eye surgeons and optometrist, who follow strictly the mantra “only to offer surgery which we will recommend to our closest relatives”. We work full time in refractive surgery, and can all be categorized as refractive “nerds” with many years experience in the field.

Professor, Thomas Olsen, MD, DMSci

28. April 2015

One of Europe’s leading refractive lens surgeons

Lens Surgery at Copenhagen Eye Centre is headed by Professor Thomas K. Olsen, MD, DMSci, who has performed more than 10,000 lens operations of all levels of difficulty, and is accredited in professional circles as one of Europe’s leading refractive lens surgeons.

Great experience

For more than twenty years, Professor Olsen has been responsible for the most advanced lens surgery in the Department of Ophthalmology at Aarhus University Hospital and is the “farther” of “the Olsen formula”, which is included in the most advanced equipment used for lens calculations. Specifically, he possesses the highest expertise in lens surgery after refractive laser surgery, but all challenges can be handled professionally.

After our thorough preexamination and a personal interview, Professor Olsen can select candidates who will be benefit from lens surgery on a sound basis.

Eye Surgeon Sven Asp, MD, DMSci

28. April 2015

Head of the laser surgery

Laser surgery at the Copenhagen Eye Centre is headed by eye surgeon Sven Asp, MD, DMSci, who for more than 9 years had a permanent position as refractive laser surgeon at the Department of Ophthalmology at Aarhus University Hospital.

Today Sven has a position as Chief Physicia at the Eye Centre in Sønderborg, where he carries out cataract operations.

European record in the SMILE-procedure

The Department is Northern Europe’s leaders in refractive eye laser surgery, and Dr. Asp´s is responsible for more than 75 % of the laser surgery performed, which also provides the basis for ZEISS´s approval of the SMILE procedure in the United States (the FDA approval).

Dr. Asp has performed more than 12.000 of all leading laser techniques, including more than 9.00 SMILE treatments (a European record).

Lise Løfstrøm, Optometrist

28. April 2015

Leading refractive optometrist

Lise Løfstrøm, Optometrist is one of the leading refractive optometrist in Europe, with more than 14 years of experience in the field.
She has vast experience in choosing the right refractive solution and is known as a very thorough and competent optometrist, who provides optimal and friendly patient handling. Lise performs pre-examination and controls at the Copenhagen Eye Centre.

Secretary Pia Bache

28. April 2015

Initial contact and provide practical advise

Secretary Pia Bache handles the initial contact and booking and can advise on the practicalities in connection with the pre-examination and surgery.
Pia had LisaTri surgery in 2014 and is now independent of glasses and contact lenses.

Optometrist Birte Bay

23. February 2016


23. February 2016

Eye Surgeon Niels Rath

23. February 2016

Chief Surgeon, FEBO Martin Åvall Severinsen

28. September 2017

Charlotte Kunkel, Theatre Nurse

28. April 2015

Experienced and positive Theatre Nurse

Charlotte Kunkel is a very experienced and positive Theatre Nurse, who takes good care of you, ensuring that your laser treatment/lens surgery is a good and safe experience.
Charlotte has for years been employed at the Department of Ophthalmology at Frederiksberg Hospital and in various private clinics.
She has very extensive experience in the optimal management of nervous patients and provides a soothing hand during treatment.

Social & Health Care assistent VIBEKE JAHNS

23. February 2016
We focus on peak surgical skills and experience, professional equipment, excellent results and satified customers.
We work full time with refractive surgery and have many years experience in the field.
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Our customers say...

  • When I heard that Sven Asp possess the European SMILE record, having performed more than 7000 SMILE procedures, I had no doubt that he should perform the operation.

    Elena, Spain

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