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Dr. Asp has performed more than 7.000 ReLEx SMILE procedures, primarily on Danes but an increasing proportion of our customers come from abroad.

Customers from all over the world

We have customers from all over the world (i.e. US, GB, Germany, Spain, Holland, Russia, Czech Republic, Sweden, Norway, Finland), who takes advantage of our unique knowledge about and profound experience with ReLEx SMILE.

Fast results with minimal discomfort

All patients are nervous before surgery, which is perfectly natural, since vision is considered the most important sense and since the procedure is unknown by most laymen. After surgery most patients are surprised by how fast the ReLEx SMILE procedure was and by the minimal discomfort.

Here we present some of the more special cases.

Elena, Spain

28. April 2015

Had considered laser treatment for many years

Elena aged 34, works as an offshore geologist in Norway and had for many years considered laser treatment for her approx. -8.0 D myopia. She heard about the SMILE laser method that appeared to be very gentle to the cornea.

SMILE treatment

“SMILE seemed like the obvious laser choice with only a 2.0 mm wide superficial corneal incision located at the top of the cornea and covered by the upper eyelid. When I heard that Sven Asp possess the European SMILE record, having performed more than 2000 SMILE procedures, I had no doubt that he should perform the operation. The SMILE treatment was virtually without discomfort and the result is just AMAZING. I have never previously had better vision than my present, and it is incredible to be independent of glasses/contact lenses and waking in the morning with clear vision. SMILE performed by Sven Asp at the Copenhagen Eye Centre has my warmest recommendation”

Timon, Holland

28. April 2015

Problems using contact lenses

Timon from Holland, aged 33, was myopic (-2.5 D) and astigmatic (-1.0 D), with increasing problems using contact lenses, especially when participating in sports.

“It was really annoying for me to use lenses, especially when diving, and over a longer period I had considered refractive laser surgery. One of my Dutch friends had SMILE treatment at Copenhagen Eye Centre and was more than pleased with the result of the treatment. Also, the minimal SMILE technique appeared very attractive to me and I decided to travel to Copenhagen to be treated by the most experienced SMILE surgeon. The procedure was quick and virtually painless, and at the Day One check-up, the result far exceeded my expectations”

Terry, Colorado, USA

28. April 2015

Read articles about the SMILE technique

Terry, aged 58, had considered laser treatment for his pronounced myopia of approx. -9 D for many years but had not favoured the LASIK method because of the LASIK “flap”. He read some of our articles about the SMILE technique (here are some of our interesting articles about SMILE) and realized that Copenhagen Eye Centre had some of the world’s leading SMILE researchers affiliated to it, who had the absolute greatest experience with SMILE.

Flew to Denmark to recieve SMILE treatment

After correspondence by E mail, he and his son flew from Colorado to Denmark purely to receive SMILE treatment at the Centre and part of the process could be seen on the Danish news. After returning to Colorado, he manages his daily life without glasses, and wrote us the following letter.

Johanna from Malmo

3. March 2016

Johanna from Malmo states about the smile treatment

“I did thorough research before my eye laser treatment, and during this process I realized that smile is todays “state of the art” being a minimal laser procedure. In addition, I became aware that eye surgeon Sven Asp holds the European record in number of smile treatments performed, and that Copenhagen Eye Centre can display convincing statistics. All these things added up and made it easy for me taking the decision to cross the Oresund Bridge to Denmark and receive treatment in Copenhagen.

Although I was very nervous before the treatment, the surgery was hardly uncomfortable and I felt safe throughout. Today my vision is really good, and the best things about my new “smile” eyes are, that I see clearly when I open my eyes in the morning, and that I can run on inline skates without the hassle of glasses and lenses”

We focus on peak surgical skills and experience, professional equipment, excellent results and satified customers.
We work full time with refractive surgery and have many years experience in the field.
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Our customers say...

  • When I heard that Sven Asp possess the European SMILE record, having performed more than 7000 SMILE procedures, I had no doubt that he should perform the operation.

    Elena, Spain

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