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The technology behind ReLEx smile

Carl ZEISS Meditec

German based ZEISS Meditec has for decades been a leader in the development of equipment for eye surgery. The company has developed the SMILE technique, and Dr. Asp´s SMILE surgery at the University Hospital in Aarhus is used in Zeiss´s application for FDA approval.


ZEISS VisuMax is a generation ahead of other femtosecond lasers, since it from the corneal surface can cut in the deeper stroma in three dimensions and with microns (10-6 m) accuracy. VisuMax can correct visual defects by one of the so-called “All In One” (AIO) or ReLEx (Refractive Lenticular Extraction) procedures on the cornea where RELEX smile is the most advanced and undertaken without the formation a “flap” (flap-less procedure). It is a big step forward in refractive laser surgery, since the LASIK “flap” makes the cornea permanently unstable. LASIK has for more than twenty years been “state of the art” and leading visual error-corrective laser treatment, but this position is now taken by ReLEx smile.

Links to ReLEx smile publications and results

There number of publications about AIO / ReLEx smile are growing. See a selection of our own below if you are interested in the deeper, professional aspects of the treatment:
– by Asp, Ivarsen og Hjortdal
-by Asp
– by Vestergaard, Ivarsen, Asp and Hjortdal
– by Vestergaard, Ivarsen, Asp and Hjortdal

and other interesting articles on the technique

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  • When I heard that Sven Asp possess the European SMILE record, having performed more than 7000 SMILE procedures, I had no doubt that he should perform the operation.

    Elena, Spain

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