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Frequently asked questions about our surgery

Are there risks associated with surgery?

There are risks associated with all eye treatments, but fortunately, complications are extremely rare in connection with modern eye surgery, when carried out by experienced and competent surgeons. You will receive thorough information about the surgery, including side effects and possible complications.

Is the treatment painfull?

Local anesthetic eye drops ensure that you will only experience minimal discomfort during the treatment. You will feel itching when the first eyedrop is inserted and a slight pressure on the eye during surgery.

How long is the laser treatment?

The laser treatment takes about 30 seconds and is virtually painless. The experienced laser eye surgeon instructs you precisely what to do during the treatment. The most important thing is to lie still, remember to breathe calmly and deep and to keep your eyes still. On the laser treatment day, you should expect to be about an hour in the Centre. Lens surgery typically takes less than 15 minutes per eye, and the entire treatment takes just over an hour.

Do I need glasses after the treatment?

Patients do not normally need glasses or contact lenses after treatment. This is, however, dependent on age and the type of vision problems to be addressed. You will receive personal information during the pre-examination and the conversation with the surgeon.

What happens if something goes wrong?

Risks of complications during or after laser treatments are minimal, but not zero. The laser surgeon has not yet experienced complications that could not be handled. Similarly, the risks of complications in connection with modern and competent lens surgery are low. We monitor the few special and complicated cases very closely to ensure an optimal end result. To minimise risks, it is important that you follow our instructions relating to the treatment.

What is the healing time?

Since the corneal incision in connection with the ReLEx smile surgery is minimal and located under the upper eyelid, healing is faster with this technique compared with older alternatives. The cornea is very stable after a few days (see Testimonials) – but we recommend that you do not participate in any significant physical activity the first week after surgery. After two weeks you can participate in most forms of physical activity. After our lens surgery you should also take it easy the first few weeks after treatment.

When is vision clear?

Immediately after surgery the vision is foggy/misty. The fog evaporates over the following days, and vision gradually becomes more stable over the following weeks/months. Patience is an important virtue after treatment, and the final result is expected after approximately three month.

Can I drive home?

You need a chauffeur after surgery, since vision is “foggy” immediately after treatment. Also you need a chauffeur for the Day One check-up.

Who is doing your lens surgery?

We also offer advanced lens surgery at the highest level. Our leading lens surgeon is Professor Thomas K. Olsen, who is recognized in professional circles as one of Europe’s most skilled refractive lens surgeons. For more than twenty years, Professor Olsen has performed the most advanced lens surgery in the Department of Ophthalmology at Aarhus University Hospital and his lens calculation formula (the Olsen formula) is used for lens calculations in the most advanced equipment.

After a cataract operation – can something be done?

We can correct visual defects after cataract operations using the ReLEx smile, LASEK or LASIK.

We focus on peak surgical skills and experience, professional equipment, excellent results and satified customers.
We work full time with refractive surgery and have many years experience in the field.
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  • When I heard that Sven Asp possess the European SMILE record, having performed more than 7000 SMILE procedures, I had no doubt that he should perform the operation.

    Elena, Spain

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